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Uber Eats Voucher: Everything You Need To Know

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Tesla, a leading electric car manufacturer, is known for providing various benefits and perks to its customers.

One such perk is offering Uber vouchers to Tesla owners when their cars are in for servicing. But can you use these vouchers for Uber Eats? This blog post will delve into this query and provide you with the information you need.

Using Tesla Uber Vouchers: What’s the Consensus?

When a Reddit user raised the question of whether a Tesla voucher can be used to order food through Uber Eats or if it is only valid for rides, the majority of responses suggested that the voucher is intended for rides only, and not for ordering food through Uber Eats. 

However, one user claimed they received a voucher that worked for Uber Eats, but it is unclear if this is a unique situation or has changed since then.

As the consensus indicates that Tesla vouchers are generally for rides only, the best course of action is to use the voucher for its intended purpose – rides. 

If you are unsure about the terms and conditions of your specific voucher, you can check with Tesla or Uber support for clarification. To order food from Uber Eats, you may need to use a different payment method, such as a credit or debit card, or a voucher specifically for Uber Eats, if available.

Uber Credits Provided by Tesla Service Centers

Tesla service centers often provide Uber credits to customers when their cars need servicing for an extended period. A Reddit user inquired about the amount of Uber credit provided by Tesla service centers if a car needs to be serviced for 2-3 days. 

Several users responded, with one stating that Tesla typically issues $100 per day for Uber credits, directly applied to the user’s Uber account when they drop off the vehicle.

The credits expire after the same number of days. However, the amount may vary depending on the service manager.

It’s worth pushing for a loaner or rental car if needed, and it doesn’t hurt to ask, as some service managers may be more accommodating than others.

Policy Changes Regarding Uber Credits

A thread on Reddit’s Tesla community reported that a Tesla service center in West LA informed the original poster that Tesla was no longer issuing Uber credits, except for transportation to and from the service center. 

No clear answers were provided as to whether this policy change was happening across the board. Some other posters in the thread reported having received Uber credits recently, while others had been offered loaners or rentals instead.

Tesla should consider providing more clear and consistent information to its customers about the options available to them during service appointments and what they can expect in terms of alternative transportation. 

Additionally, Tesla should consider investing in more consistent and comprehensive loaner programs that can provide Tesla owners with a reliable, high-quality transportation option while their vehicles are being serviced.

Redeeming Uber Vouchers: FAQ

For customers who have received Uber vouchers from Tesla or any other company, it’s essential to know how to redeem them. The Uber help page offers a comprehensive FAQ about how customers receive and redeem vouchers for Uber and Uber Eats. 

The page provides information on how to view the status of vouchers for each program, how customers receive and redeem vouchers, whether customers need the app to use a voucher, and what to do if a customer is having issues redeeming a voucher. 

The page also notes that customers always have the option to tip drivers or delivery people, but the voucher will only cover the maximum tip percentage indicated when creating the voucher.

Finally, the page advises following Uber’s brand guidelines when distributing voucher links and provides a link to contact support for assistance.

Tesla Uber Voucher Transferability and Limitations

A forum discussion on the Tesla Motors Club centered around the $400 Uber credits provided to Tesla owners while their cars are in the shop. Forum members discussed the transferability and limitations of these credits.

Some members suggested that it should be possible to forward the link to someone else. However, there are limits to how these credits can be used, such as not being able to use them for parts or exceeding the $200 limit for a single ride.

Final Thoughts

Based on the information available, it seems that Tesla Uber vouchers are generally intended for rides only and not for Uber Eats. If you have a Tesla voucher and are unsure of its terms and conditions, it’s best to check with Tesla or Uber support for clarification. 

To order food from Uber Eats, you may need to use a different payment method or a voucher specifically for Uber Eats, if available. Remember to read the fine print of any vouchers or promotions carefully to avoid any confusion or unexpected charges.