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Dell Asset Tag Reset Tool | How To Change (explained)

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Dell Asset Tag Reset Tool

Are you struggling to reset the asset tag on your Dell laptop or PC?

In this article, we give you a few tips on how to go about doing this.

Use them to reset your Dell’s service tag, and enjoy using your product. Before we dive in, let’s clear this right away:

Customers change the asset tag on their Dell computers for many reasons.

But that doesn’t mean you have to change it if there is no good reason to do so. 

Hence, Dell has a variety of utilities that could help you do this.

Dell offers cutting-edge technology that allows you to do this safely without damaging your system.

You can use the following options:

You can either reset BIOS defaults or try updating the BIOS.

Both of those options are likely to erase your BIOS settings, so before you do anything it is always advisable to write down all your settings first. Just in case you will need them.

How do you reset a Dell service tag?

Resetting a Dell service tag is pretty easy.

The most important thing you need to be aware of is to keep ten maximum lengths of characters and remove space on asset tag values.

For instance, if you are a business owner, you can use Dell Command, which is software that comes with configuration capabilities.

This tool has a “Command Line Interface” (CLI) and “Graphical User Interface” (GUI) that can configure different BIOS features.

Use the following steps to reset a Dell service tag:

Step 1

Visit Dell’s Dell Support Site where you will be able to download the “Command suite”. 

Step 2

Then install the Command suite command on your PC or laptop. That’s why you need to have the BIOS asset tag reset.

Step 3

Read all the instructions on the support site to ensure the software is installed properly.

Step 4

Navigate to the “Create Local System” Package tab on the GUI, then click on “System Summary”.

Step 5

Select the value to set the field and type in the asset tag you want.

Step 6

Click on the Export.exe button, it will be right at the bottom of your screen. Then hit save.

Step 7

Run the saved file on your system to complete the installation process. Once you have done, shut down or restart your system. 

How do I change the Dell Asset Tag in BIOS?

If you are trying to change the Dell Asset tag in BIOS, there is an easy way to go about doing that. Remember, the Dell BIOS has a unique field that allows you to write only a special utility.

On the other hand, the old version is no longer compatible with the new Dell models.

However, you are likely to find an old Dell version that can still record their asset tag fields automatically.

You can change the asset tag to Computer1.

The full command would be cctk –asset=Computer1.

Then wait for the command to process your request.

This sometimes may take several minutes, so you need to be a tad patient with your machine.

Once your system is done processing successfully, it will bring you back to the cctk directory. 

How do I change the ownership of a Dell tag?

Changing the ownership of a Dell tag is pretty easy, all you have to do is go to the “Warranty and Ownership Transfer” page.

Once you are there, choose how many products you will be transferring, and the changing process will begin.

Plus, you have the option of choosing a single product or even five products.

If you do the ownership transfer via the website, the transfer process should take 7-10 business days, and 15 business days for international transfers.

Please note that the number of days may vary due to the amount of information you have submitted to Dell.

And if you are choosing a single product, you can either enter your Dell Service Tag number manually or use the Detect Your Product functionality.

Whatever option you choose, always ensure that you don’t enter the wrong number. 

Lastly, if you want to make a change of ownership of new or used Dell EMC products from third-party resellers, Dell allows you to do that.

But there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Dell EMC doesn’t allow customers change ownership without registering their products first.

Besides, if your product is not registered, it becomes difficult to take advantage of certain offers that Dell offers all customers.

So, first register, then begin the transfer process!