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Tesla 12v battery covered under warranty (Explained)

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The batteries that come with your Tesla are very precious. You don’t want to take any chances with them, and most people suggest that they would like to have these batteries covered by a warranty if at all possible.

After all, it is something that can get a bit expensive if you have to cover the entire cost by yourself out of pocket.

Therefore, the questions about what is available as far as a warranty is justified and makes sense. 

Tesla 12v battery covered under warranty

The Tesla 12v Battery is a covered item as far as warranty is concerned. You can guarantee that you will get the warranty coverage that you require from this battery the moment that you purchase a Tesla.

Therefore, you should try to take advantage of whatever you can get covered on it.

You should take it to a licensed Tesla shop if you are looking for them to install the battery for you and ensure that your warranty coverage is honored as it is supposed to be.

People don’t always do this, and they often regret their choices when they don’t get the complete warranty coverage that they should have received for it. 

Is 12v battery covered under Tesla warranty?

The Tesla warranty program honors warranty coverage on their 12v batteries. They can afford to do this because they have such high confidence in the quality of their batteries and in their longevity.

They firmly believe that their batteries will stand up against virtually anything that you could throw at them.

As such, it makes sense that they would offer extended warranty coverage on the 12v batteries that they currently offer the public.

There is basically nothing for them to be afraid of, and they know that if there is a blip in the system and a bad battery goes out for some reason, they can get it covered for their loyal customers easily. 

Are Tesla batteries lifetime warranty?

Unfortunately, there is not a lifetime warranty on Tesla batteries. They have limited coverage based on the model vehicle you purchase and based on the type of battery that goes into that vehicle.

You will need to check what kind of warranty is offered for the specific battery that you have bought, and for the model vehicle, you are looking at.

If you are afraid that a limited warranty is not enough to give you peace of mind, then you need to go for a model that can offer that lifetime coverage. They are few and far between, but there are some available that might work for you.

You just need to be sure to keep your eyes peeled for what Tesla has to offer on this front. You don’t want to get into something that isn’t going to perform for you. 

Tesla model 3 12v battery warranty

The warranty coverage you are looking at on this one is 8 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

This is a fair amount of time to give you the chance to drive your vehicle and get some life out of it before you decide that there might be some battery issues.

If those issues do present themselves, then at least you know you are covered until it reaches these benchmarks. It is something that you want to pay attention to in order to ensure you get the coverage that you need out of the warranty that is provided. 

Tesla model 3 12v battery replacement cost

The average cost for a battery replacement for this model is approximately $250 when you figure in both the cost of the battery itself as well as the labor required to install it. People say that they spend roughly that amount in order to get it.

That is assuming you have no warranty cover on it of course.

The labor is just about $70 with the battery running approximately $180. These figures can vary slightly depending on the shop where you make the purchase of course, and that is often a factor of the geographic area where you are getting the work done.

If you happen to live closer to where Tesla batteries are manufactured, then you may get away with a little less cost. 

Final Thoughts

You should always pay attention to the warranty coverage that you may have on any Tesla product. There is no reason to pay more money than absolutely necessary to get a battery replaced on a vehicle like this. That said, you should also not panic if there is a situation where you need to get the battery replaced.

It can happen with these vehicles sometimes, and you should just be prepared to handle it.