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5 Things To Know About Having Tesla 19 Gemini Wheels Without Covers!

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Prospective owners of the Tesla Model Y (and Model 3 Performance) vehicles might be curious as to whether or not to choose Induction or the standard 19″ Gemini wheels.

Originally only available in China, the Gemini wheels are now a standard for Model Y, to the pleasure of many Tesla owners.

The Tesla 19″ Gemini Wheels are still beautiful without the cover, and can be customized to fit the tastes of the proud Tesla owner.

They are also beneficial in all types of weather, carry their own benefits in regards to range, size, and comfort. They can be used with or without the cover as well.

What are Gemini Wheels?

Gemini wheels are the 19″ wheels that come standard with the Tesla Model Y.

They can be swapped out for the Tesla induction wheels, however most people decide to stick with the Gemini wheels due to their many benefits.

These include:

  • Cheaper price point
  • Customization options
  • Better range 
  • Better aerodynamic capability
  • More comfortable and supportive, especially driving with backseat passengers
  • Good performance in winter driving conditions
  • Less susceptible to damage than 20″ induction wheels 

Gemini wheels were once only available as part of Tesla’s winter tire package on the Model 3 Performance packages, due to their small size being favorable in icy conditions.

They were available prior to 2019 in China as “power sports aero wheels.”

They now come standard on the Model Y Long Range, and are a more affordable option compared to the 20″ Induction wheels that cost an extra $2,000 to install onto the Model Y.

These 20″ Induction wheels are also proven to lower the range.

Tests have shown that Tesla’s with Gemini wheels get about 22.4 miles more range per charge than using the 20″ Induction wheels.

Do Teslas Have Wheel Covers?

The Gemini wheels come with wheel covers that are two-tone and provide a sporty look.

These wheel covers are made of plastic and provide cover for the flow-formed 10-spoke alloy wheels underneath. 

These wheel covers are thought to add range to a Tesla and increase mileage and performance, and can also provide a sportier look that is desirable for many Tesla owners.

Do You Need a Rim Cover?

It’s not just the Model Y Gemini wheels, but the Model 3 also comes equipped with a plastic cover. 

This plastic cover provides more aerodynamic capabilities to your Tesla, however it isn’t necessary to drive with them on.

The flat, smooth design of Tesla’s aerowheel rim covers blocks airflow into the tire.

This forces air to flow past the wheels, which increases what is called the vehicle’s drag and allows for more efficiency and range.

The rim covers must be flush and flat against the tire surface in order to work.

In addition, they must also be lightweight to be aerodynamic, which is why Tesla opted to make the covers out of plastic and not cast iron.

Although rim covers can provide a unique look, efficiency, and aerodynamic capabilities, they are prone to damage from curbs and some people just don’t like the look of them.

How Do You Take the Cover Off a Tesla Gemini Wheel?

To take off the hub cover off a Gemini wheel, you don’t need any special tools.

Simply place your hand under the cover, and pull towards you until the cover pops off (literally). 

Once you’ve taken the cover off, you’ll notice the beautiful Gemini alloy wheels beneath.

You can leave the tire as it is without the hub cover, or you can purchase a Gemini wheel cap kit.

These can cost anywhere between $25 to $50 on third-party website or Tesla themselves.

The kit includes:

  • 4 Tesla logo wheel caps
  • 20 wheel lug caps
  • 1 lug nut cover puller

There are various colors available to customize the look of your Gemini wheels.

If you want to take customization a step further, you can also purchase dip and apply various coats over your alloy wheels for a unique color.

Best of all, plasti-dip is affordable, readily available at most major stores, and is 100% removable.

This tough, durable rough can last for miles without tearing off, but it’s important to apply various coats beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Tesla 19″ Gemini wheels are beautiful in and of themselves.

They are affordable, aerodynamic, and standard on Model Y vehicles. If you don’t like the hub cap cover that comes standard on them, you can easily take these rim covers off and customize your Gemini wheel through kits and plasti-dip spray.

These are just one of several ways you can truly make your Tesla your own and have it stand out among the rest!