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Tesla Won’t Drive Without Card? | 6 Things You Should Know

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Tesla got creative with its innovations by offering drivers key cards to unlock, start, and operate their vehicles. What happens if the key card doesn’t work, though? What do you do as a driver who can’t seem to get your car to move? You’ll see the answers to those questions in the text below. 

Tesla Won’t Drive Without Card

If your Tesla doesn’t drive without using your card, you may not be performing the correct actions within the specified time frame. You have approximately 30 seconds to get into the car after you unlock it and place your foot on the brake pedal before you have to authenticate again. In that case, you may not be able to move the car without using your card inside the vehicle. 

Try getting into the vehicle within the appropriate timeframe. You’ve solved the problem if you no longer have to use your key to move the car. 

Can You Drive Tesla Without Card?

It is entirely possible for you to drive a Tesla without a key card. If you don’t have your key card, you can use your phone to unlock and drive the vehicle. Ensure that your smartphone is well charged and operating at the highest level of quality. 

If you don’t have a key, phone, or fob, you may still have a handful of options to get your car up and running. One is that you can contact a trusted loved one to have them help you unlock it remotely. 

Can You Valet a Tesla Without the Key Card?

There is a way to valet your car without the key card if you don’t have it with you. Usually, you would just give your key card to the valet so that they could get in and out and move the vehicle. You can set valet mode to offer yourself extra protection while the valet has your key card. 

If you don’t have your card, you could give the valet driver a key fob to navigate the vehicle. If you’re uncomfortable with that idea, you can use the Tesla app to unlock the car remotely once you leave the premises and are ready for the valet driver to bring your vehicle to you. That process could get a little tricky, however. One issue with using the mobile phone is that the phone must have good network reception for the app to work. The vehicle must also have good reception. Thus, your best option for valet is to offer the valet a key card or key fob so that he or she can provide the necessary services to you. 

Can You Drive a Tesla Without Your Phone?

Yes, you can drive the Tesla without your mobile phone. You can use your key card to open and drive the vehicle if you do not have your mobile phone with you at the time. You must place the card in the B-pillar area between the front and rear doors. 

You will hear a sound or see lights when the vehicle unlocks. You’ll have a short amount of time to get inside the vehicle and put your foot on the brake pedal to start the process and get moving. 

You can also use the key fob if you have one of those. That will allow you to start and drive the vehicle as well. It isn’t mandatory that you use your mobile phone to start your vehicle, but you must be careful not to lose the smaller items. 

Is It Hard to Get Used to Driving a Tesla?

It isn’t necessarily hard to get used to driving a Tesla. It’s just different. Drivers have been used to driving and operating their vehicles a certain way for decades. Sometimes, getting used to new technology is a little frustrating at first, but it gets better once the user recognizes the benefits. 

The entire experience can be quite exciting when it’s all said and done. Furthermore, you might not want to revert to operating an older vehicle once you drive a Tesla. 

Final Thoughts

The Tesla key cards are a convenient, secure, and inexpensive way to give you alternative options to access your vehicle. The company offers several alternatives to the traditional keys, and you can use the method you’re most comfortable using. You can easily solve problems with your key items by using the methods mentioned above.