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Where is the Locking Wheel Nut in a Tesla Model 3?

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Tesla Model 3 has become a popular choice among electric vehicle enthusiasts due to its impressive performance, unique features, and stylish design. While Tesla cars come with many built-in safety and security features, one item that Tesla Model 3 owners often inquire about is the locking wheel nut. 

In this blog post, we will discuss where the locking wheel nut is in a Tesla Model 3 and explore the reasons behind the absence of wheel locks.

Does the Tesla Model 3 Come with Locking Wheel Nuts?

Tesla Model 3s do not come with wheel locks by default. This means that if you want to install wheel locks, you’ll have to purchase and install them yourself. Wheel locks are not considered necessary unless you live in an area with a high risk of rim, tire, or wheel theft or if you frequently park your Tesla in the open for long periods.

Tesla Model 3 Lug Nut Covers

Although Tesla Model 3s don’t come with wheel locks, they do come with lug nut covers that can act as a deterrent to would-be thieves. To remove these covers, you’ll need a lug nut cover tool or a small Allen wrench[2]. You can find the lug nut cover tool in the glove box of some vehicles or purchase it from an auto parts store or online retailer.

An alternative option for added security is to purchase lug nut covers that match the color of the rims. This can make it more difficult for thieves to determine what they need to do to remove the lug nuts, especially if they don’t have the special pry tool[3].

Are Wheel Locks Effective for Tesla Model 3?

It’s important to note that wheel locks can be easily defeated in a matter of seconds using a 3/4″ socket and a sledgehammer[4]. This means that if a thief really wants your wheels, a wheel lock may not be enough to stop them. As such, wheel locks might not provide the level of security you’re hoping for.

Reasons for Not Including Locking Wheel Nuts in Tesla Model 3

There are several reasons why Tesla Model 3 does not include locking wheel nuts by default:

  1. Challenging tire replacement: Locking wheel nuts can make tire replacement more difficult, as they require specific unlocking keys[5].
  2. Insufficient safety: As mentioned earlier, wheel locks can be easily defeated with the right tools, providing only limited security.
  3. High torqued built-in nuts: Tesla Model 3’s high torqued built-in nuts make it more challenging for thieves to steal the wheels.
  4. Maintenance time: Locking wheel nuts can increase the time it takes to perform maintenance on the vehicle, such as tire rotations or replacements.

Adding Locking Wheel Nuts to Your Tesla Model 3

If you still want to add locking wheel nuts to your Tesla Model 3, you can purchase a set from Tesla’s official store or other online retailers. Tesla offers a specially-designed wheel lock set, which includes four custom-designed wheel locks and one wheel lock key[7]. The forged steel construction and unique key patterns provide an added layer of security for your wheels. Installation is simple, as these wheel locks function just like regular lug nuts.

For those who prefer to explore other options, various aftermarket locking wheel nut sets are available that are compatible with Tesla Model 3. When choosing a set, make sure it is specifically designed for your vehicle to ensure proper fit and functionality.

Additional Security Measures for Tesla Model 3

Aside from locking wheel nuts, there are several other security measures you can consider to protect your Tesla Model 3:

  1. Dashcam and Sentry Mode: Tesla Model 3 comes with built-in dashcam and Sentry Mode features. These systems use the vehicle’s cameras to record incidents that occur while the car is parked or being driven. This footage can help deter theft and vandalism and provide valuable evidence in case of an incident.
  2. Parking in well-lit and secure areas: Parking your vehicle in well-lit areas with high foot traffic or in secured parking facilities can reduce the risk of theft or vandalism.
  3. Car alarm: Installing a car alarm system can serve as an additional deterrent to potential thieves. While the Tesla Model 3 comes with a built-in security system, some owners may prefer to install an aftermarket alarm system for added protection.
  4. GPS tracking device: Installing a GPS tracking device can help locate your vehicle in the event of theft. Some tracking systems even allow you to remotely disable your car, making it more difficult for thieves to escape with your vehicle.

Final Thoughts 

While Tesla Model 3 does not come with locking wheel nuts by default, owners can purchase and install them for added security. However, it’s important to understand that wheel locks might not provide foolproof protection against theft. 

In addition to locking wheel nuts, there are several other security measures to consider, such as using the built-in dashcam and Sentry Mode features, parking in secure areas, and installing additional security systems. By employing multiple layers of protection, Tesla Model 3 owners can increase the overall security of their vehicle and minimize the risk of theft.