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Alienware Laptop Black Screen | 10 Important Facts!

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What are you to do when you suffer from major black screen issues with your Alienware computer equipment? We take a look at the various issues that have come up and some quick fixes to get them set straight once again.

We hope that this information proves helpful to you should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to deal with a black screen issue. 

Why Is My Alienware Screen Black?

There are a number of different reasons why your Alienware computer may show up with a black screen. Often, the issue is that the BIOS system is not up to date or that the video driver needs an update applied to it. 

Whatever the case may be, it is important to check on these factors first to make sure it is a simple fix like this that can be handled in a matter of minutes. If you feel that your issue lies with one of these two things, then go ahead and get those corrected before proceeding. 

What To Do If Laptop Turns On But Screen Is Black?

The best thing to do if your laptop is turned on but the screen remains black is to perform a power drain. This is when you disconnect all power cables to the laptop and hold down the power button for a full 10 to 15 seconds until the device shuts off. 

This rids the device of any static power, and it allows you to reconnect those power cables once you are done so that you can start to use the computer once more.

Remember, you are just trying to give the system a nice reboot, so to speak. If you can do this, then you shouldn’t have any trouble getting it to come back on.

How Do I Fix My Alienware Screen?

If the problem is a black screen issue, then you should try to power drain detailed above. If the issue is a cracked screen or other physical damage to the screen, you should send in the laptop to the technicians at Alienware for a repair or replacement. 

What To Do If My Alienware Laptop Won’t Turn On?

Users who can’t get the laptop to turn on also recommend a power drain. 

Basically, you need to disconnect the power supply from the laptop entirely and hold down the power button for as long as 30 seconds. This is the best way to fix a simple laptop power issue. If the issue persists, you will need to send it into Alienware for a deeper forensic repair. 

Alienware Laptop Screen Goes Black

Why Does My Laptop Suddenly Go Black?

It is quite possible that the issue you are facing here is one of outdated software. 

You may want to look for the latest plugs and patches from Windows and other developers to ensure that the equipment you have installed on your device is up to date. If you have up-to-date software, it is far less likely that you will face this issue going forward. 

Alienware Laptop Screen Black On Startup

Why is my Alienware stuck on loading screen?

Most likely what you are looking at here is what is known as a “no boot” issue. 

You will need to restart the computer, and when the Alienware logo first appears, press the F2 key repeatedly at that screen. It may seem like a funny thing to do, but this is known to help unlock the computer from the issues that it is having at the loading screen. 

Alienware Laptop Black Screen And Beeping

Beep beep beep, the annoying sound can send any computer user over the edge. It is something that can happen to some Alienware users, and they are deeply troubled when they hear this noise coming over the laptop speakers. 

If this is happening to you, then it is time to try running an ePSA/Diagnostic test on the system. You might be able to identify the issue that is causing the beeping and the lack of cooperation on your computer by doing this. 

Alienware laptop black screen on boot up

Why is my Alienware stuck on loading screen?

It could be a lot of things, but the safest thing to do is a manual reboot. 

That is the quickest way to clear up any simple issues that could be getting in the way of you enjoying your laptop. You might want to start there and see if that fixes the issue for you.

If it does not, then you may be looking at opening a support ticket with someone from the Alienware team. 

Alienware x51 black screen on startup

You are looking at a problem here that may require you to temporarily remove the batteries and the power cord from your laptop. 

If you do these two things, and then plug them back in when you are done, then you are setting yourself up to get better results from the laptop when it is time to plug it back in. It is more likely to work when you do plug it back in. 

Alienware laptop black screen with cursor 

What causes black screen with cursor?

There are times when a firewall or anti-virus program can actually get in the way of your laptop booting up properly. You might want to temporarily disable these features to get around any load up issues that you are currently facing. 

Why can I only see my cursor on my laptop?

Sometimes there is a major loading issue on your laptop, but it might still have just enough power to show the cursor on the screen anyway. 

Take the time to disable the firewall and anti-virus if you continue to experience these issues. You can re-install them once the issue has passed.