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Can I Charge My Jeep With A Tesla Charger? (Explained)

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With the rise of hybrids like the Jeep 4xe and full-on EVs like the Tesla model 3, plug-in electric cars are becoming a staple of how we commute, travel, and go about our lives.

This raises the question: is the Tesla charging system compatible with the standard one used for almost all other EVs in the US?

If you own a Jeep 4xe or any other brand of EV and you want to charge it with a Tesla charger, the answer is yes—with some limitations.

Read on to find out how to convert a Tesla charger so that you can take advantage of Tesla’s expanding EV infrastructure.

Can You Charge a Jeep with a Tesla Charger?

Yes, you can charge your Jeep 4xe with a Tesla using an adapter that converts a Tesla plug into a J1772 plug.

Nearly all EVs sold in the US other than Tesla use a J1772 connection to plug into a power source, including the Jeep 4xe, but Tesla uses its own proprietary kind of plug for all its charging stations.

You can find adapters for sale from online retailers or at auto parts stores, Best Buy, and Home Depot. 

Can You Charge Another Car with A Tesla Charger?

Tesla-to-J1772 adapters are compatible with any car that charges with a J1772 connection, portable, easy to stow in your car for recharging on the go, and they work with the home-installed Tesla wall plug as well as Tesla’s destination chargers.

If you need to recharge your EV at a Tesla charging station when on the move, it’s important to note that the supercharger, another on-the-go charging station that Tesla created for maximum recharging speed, won’t allow you to charge your non-Tesla EV. 

Other than the supercharger, Tesla offers the destination charger, which provides rapid charging that takes a matter of hours and is scattered throughout the US at destinations like hotels, bed and breakfasts, and resorts.

Tesla maintains thousands of these across the US, and they’re quite useful when going on road trips in an EV.

The Tesla to J1772 adapter gives you access to all of them.

Can You Charge a Jeep at a Tesla Supercharger?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to charge an EV that uses the J1772 plug at a supercharger—Tesla’s superchargers have both hardware that’s incompatible with all other EVs, and software that requires authorization from Tesla’s computer to dispense power.

Tesla is moving towards making its infrastructure useful to other EV brands, and some trial runs with superchargers that any EV can use are underway in Europe.

Tesla has also included a J1772 plug with its wall connector set in recent batches as part of this overall effort to support all EVs and encourage drivers to go electric.

Should You Try Charging a Jeep at a Tesla Charging Station?

Again, it’s perfectly possible to charge a Jeep 4xe at a Tesla charging station using an adapter if the station isn’t a supercharger.

If you happen to own both a Tesla and a Jeep 4xe, you can charge the Jeep using the home Tesla charger, and you won’t have to go buy another charging station.

Since the 4xe is a hybrid, you may find that charging on the go with charging stations isn’t essential because you don’t deplete the charge nearly as fast as a full EV, and overnight charging takes care of your needs.

What Kind of Plug Does the Jeep 4xe Use?

Whether you’re charging your Jeep 4xe with a 120v wall socket for a slow overnight trickle of power or charging it rapidly with a charging station, it’ll always be plugged into its power source by a J1772. 

Final Thoughts

Tesla has been leading the field in building out EV infrastructure across the world, but the problem is that not all of it is compatible with other EVs.

This is especially a shame when it comes to the supercharger, an impressive piece of technology that allows for the highest available charging speeds for any EV at 40 minutes to an 80% charge.

The overall trend in this matter is hopeful, however, and eventually every EV driver should have access to the sheer power of the supercharger. 

Until then, even hybrid owners like those who drive the Jeep 4xe can take advantage of Tesla’s existing compatible products and infrastructure. All it takes it a little knowledge and a simple purchase.