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Factory Reset For Dell XPS 15 | 4 Things To Know

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The following includes how to factory reset for Dell XPS 15 and how to hard reset my Dell XPS.

There are several ways to accomplish this.

This article also talks about how to wipe the Dell computer clean and start over, and once you do the steps, your screen will appear as you first received it. 

Factory Reset for Dell XPS 15

To factory reset a Dell XPS 15, you must do the following: 

  • First, click on start. 
  • Click on reset. After you click on reset, your computer will reset. 
  • Select ‘Just remove my files ‘ to remove the files from your computer. 
  • Then, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the resetting process. 
  • The reset process can be completed by following the instructions on the screen.

How do I Wipe my Dell Computer Clean and Start Over?

To reset your computer, choose ‘start’ and type ‘reset’. Also, you can choose the ‘Reset this PC System’ setting from search results or by going to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery. And under the ‘Reset this PC’, you can begin by clicking the ‘Get started’ button. 

Another way to wipe your Dell computer clean and start over is by using the ‘Dell Data Wipe’, which is located in BIOS, and you will do the following steps: 

  • From the ‘ Maintenance > Data Wipe” option in the BIOS Setup application, choose “Wipe on Next Boot” and use a data wipe for every internal drive after the reboot. 
  • BIOS will request user confirmation twice and then allow the user to exit the setup with the selection of the ‘Wipe on Next Boot’ option to ensure that the user’s intent is to erase all storage devices. 
  • The BIOS will also adjust the default selection as an added safety measure for the final prompt for more enforcement of the direct user operation acceptance. 
  • The user will exit the setup of BIOS once the successful selection option and the prompts are confirmed. To force a system reboot, the user will exit the BIOS setup. Then, you can start the data wiping process. 
  • After rebooting, BIOS will prompt several confirmations again prior to sending the instructions for the data wipe to the customer storage devices. 
  • The user can choose to cancel the drive wipe process at both of those prompts, which would cause the reset of the data wiping trigger. If desired, this procedure must be initiated again from BIOS Setup to the erasure process. 
  • The BIOS will start erasing the internal drive once the user acknowledges all prompts. To erase the drive, it can take several minutes to hours. 
  • A ‘Data Wipe Completed Successfully’ message and a green dialog will show when the erase procedure is successful. 
  • Reboot the system. 

How do I Hard Reset my Dell XPS?

There are different ways you can do a hard reset on your Dell XPS system, and many people only know a couple of ways.

One way to do this in which many people know is by holding the power for approximately 20 seconds.

Just connect the power cable or AC adapter to the battery and outlet.

Also, you should disconnect all other peripherals, including the mouse, keyboard, and external monitor.

Other ways to do a hard reset are by using the booting menu and using a Dell CD/DVD.

Otherwise, apply the hard reset accordingly for the brand, like Dell XPS 13. 

To do a hard reset of a Dell XPS 13, simultaneously hold down the power button and the F3 key. 

To do a hard reset of the XPS with the Booting Menu: 

  • Start or restart the computer.
  • Before Windows operating system begins, press F8.
  • Select Advanced Boot Options by using the arrow buttons, and then choose repair.
  • Choose administrative credentials and choose the language.
  • Choose Dell Factory Image Restore and press Next.
  • Choose Yes, and check the “Reformat Hard Drive and Restore System Software to Factory Condition” box.
  • Click on Next. 
  • When the ‘Restoration completed’ notification appears, click on next, and the laptop will show the way you first received it. 

To do a hard reset of the XPS by using Dell CD/DVD:-

  • Click on ‘Control Panel’ and then ‘System and Maintenance’. 
  • Then, click on ‘Back Up and Restore Center’.
  • Click the BackUp files link, and complete the administrative credentials. Then, click ‘Continue’.
  • After completing the BackUp, remove the peripherals, such as the scanner, printer, and other devices connected to your XPS.
  • Place the Media Drive that is along the XPS. and then restart the system.
  • You’ll be requested to repair the XPS or to boot from the Media Drive. 
  • Choose the booting option, and click on ‘Enter’ to confirm the action.
  • This will start the resetting procedure. Then, after a while, your XPS will get started again with default factory settings.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to factory reset for Dell XPS 15 and to do the hard reset of the Dell XPS as shown above.

And as you see above, there are a few ways to wipe your Dell computer clean and start it over. However, once you follow the steps, you can reboot the system, and your computer will work with optimal performance.