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Tesla Valet Mode: Everything You Need To Know

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The cars of our modern world are equipped with features that we could only dream of a few decades ago.

Yet, the catch 22 of new emerging technology also includes the need to properly understand it.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the technicalities surrounding “valet mode” in Tesla model vehicles.

Do you need a key card for valet mode in Tesla vehicles?

Only if someone else will be driving it.

Valet mode is useful for allowing someone else to take temporary control of your Tesla without setting off alarms, such as a garage mechanic or a valet, hence the name.

However, you’ll still have control over remotely locking or unlocking your vehicle, as well as the panic button just in case something goes wrong.

This mode is designed to limit certain functions of your Tesla vehicle for security purposes.

You can also activate this mode using your smartphone via the Tesla app.

It is not necessary to use a keycard for this process.

However, whoever else you have driving your Tesla in valet mode will need to insert the keycard into the central console while it is activated.

So far, Tesla vehicles can drive 50 to 90 mph in this mode.

Once that’s all said and done, be sure to deactivate valet mode before you drive it again, lest it be a very slow ride. 

How do I turn on valet mode in my Tesla?

You’ll require to park it and use a PIN.

To activate valet mode, first park your Tesla vehicle, as this mode won’t activate while driving.

Select your profile at the top of your main LCD touchscreen. Select “valet mode” from the list of options.

For first time valet mode users, you’ll need to punch in a four-digit PIN.

From then on, you’ll need to remember that PIN in order to deactivate valet mode in the future.

Can my Tesla drive without a key?

Yes it can, but you’ll need a decent internet connection.

To drive your Tesla vehicle in a keyless fashion, you’ll need to use the Tesla app on your smartphone.

Go to the “Controls” option, tap “Start,” and enter your password before you start driving. 

However, keep in mind that your car will remain locked until you use the Tesla app to unlock it.

This has to be done before you enable keyless driving.

Also, be careful when driving in an area that has poor internet connection/cellular service, as the Tesla app requires some form of decent connection to the net for keyless driving to work properly.

At this time, being in such an area like an underground parking garage will possibly prevent you from using keyless driving entirely, and you’ll need your key fob to operate your Tesla vehicle from there.

Exercise caution when deciding to use the keyless feature, and keep all the necessary equipment on you should something go wrong.

For example, you might accidentally leave your phone inside the car!

If you have an Apple watch, you can use what’s called the “Remote S app” to unlock your car.

However, it will need to be in Bluetooth range of your phone for the whole process to work, and the watch alone can’t do keyless driving or unlock your vehicle. 

You will also need to remember your password for future use of keyless driving.

If you have “Touch ID,” a third party app, you’ll be able to use your fingerprint to unlock your Tesla vehicle, making it easier to access keyless driving without the need to use your password all the time. 

Can you open the trunk in valet mode with a Tesla?

No you can’t.

As far as the programming goes, the trunk will remain locked as long as valet mode has been activated.

This is to prevent theft as you never truly know if that person driving your car is completely trustworthy or not. 

Final Thoughts

In our ever-changing world, technology is taking a more and more dominant role in our lives.

However, learning how to use it doesn’t have to be all that complex.

Keep in mind that most technological breakthroughs also have to include easy usability for consumers.

All it takes is learning and applying the right knowledge, patience, and reaching out to the experts when we become stuck.

May the advice presented in this article help you along your future electronic journeys.