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6 Things To Know About Waze With Tesla

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The following article touches on applications within Tesla’s infotainment system.

Items discussed include utilizing Waze in your Tesla and the other apps available for the vehicle.

Waze With Tesla

Tesla prides itself on the latest technology for its vehicles.

Not only for the performance of its electric powertrain but also its user interface (UI) options.

Particularly when it comes to its infotainment. 

Like other manufacturers, Tesla has its own set of proprietary apps.

These help with navigation and offer access to entertainment options like SiriusXM.

For instance, Tesla defaults to Google Maps as a routing mechanism.

Yet, not everyone uses this package to get around.

Many utilize a piece of software called Waze.

This is a real-time information service that translates user data into instant traffic conditions. 

Several years ago, developers created a Waze app for Tesla’s infotainment unit called TeslaWaze.

It was accessible on the onboard display via its Google browser.

However, due to financial constraints, TeslaWaze was discontinued in 2018. 

Can I Use Waze On My Tesla?

Currently, Waze isn’t available directly from Tesla.

They still utilize Google Maps to collect necessary trip data.

Additionally, it offers options to plan a trip, avoid tolls, and reroute you to bypass traffic issues.

The way to use Waze is through your smart device.

Though it doesn’t interact with the built-in Google Maps, it’s still available as a secondary source of traffic information.

The best way to have it work through your Tesla is by linking your mobile phone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection. 

How Do I Put Waze On My Tesla?

Although it’s not supported, there is a way to put Waze on your Tesla.

It’s through the built-in web browser at

From there, click the Live Maps option to pull up your local map. 

The web application works similarly to Google Maps.

There are fields to enter your starting point and destination.

An additional option lets you enter the time you want to leave.

This allows Waze to find the best route. 

There are limitations to the online version of the application.

The real-time accuracy could differ as opposed to the mobile app.

The reason is the latter collects live data from its active users.

What Apps Are Available For Tesla?

The apps available for Tesla are available in its online store.

However, it doesn’t feature thousands of third-party packages one would find via Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Generally, they feature proprietary programs or popular ones adapted to Tesla’s operating system.

Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk said that he would open up their online store to more third-party applications.

This follows the addition of built-in apps in the entertainment displays of manufacturers like Honda and BMW. 

For instance, the manufacturer enhanced its Tesla Theater options with access to the following streaming video sites:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube, Hulu
  • Disney+, HBO Max
  • Twitch
  • Crunchyroll
  • Comedy Central

On top of this, Tesla vehicles now have options to listen to music from Spotify and Tidal directly from their infotainment display.

This applies to all Tesla media control units (MCUs). Video streaming is only available on newer MCU2 models. 

Can You Add Apps To Tesla?

Apps available through the Google or Apple stores cannot be added to your Tesla.

The company doesn’t permit this option.

Applications exclusive to Tesla are the ones that can be added via the MCU. 

Access to other applications is available through your mobile device.

To engage this option make sure your phone or tablet is Bluetooth-enabled.

Next, select it from the network menu on the display.

Once connected, you can utilize the vehicle’s audio speakers to listen to music or watch videos from apps not supported by Tesla.

Final Thoughts

Tesla vehicles utilize a version of Google Maps for routing information.

Though there was a version of Waze made for the car, called TeslaWaze, it was discontinued in 2018.

Those interested in the product need to use it from their mobile device or via the web browser on the onboard display.

Waze is just one app that Tesla doesn’t support through its media control unit.

The only applications that are downloadable are those available through the company’s online store. This includes Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max.

No other apps are permitted to be added to the system.